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AC Replacement

Installing New AC Units in Aurora and Naperville Since 2001

Enduring the summer heat in Naperville demands a reliable and efficient central AC system. It's not just about comfort, but also about efficiency and savings, because no one enjoys wasting money. However, an AC unit can only perform optimally if it has been installed correctly. That's precisely where Nortek steps in.

As a customer-centric HVAC company, our primary commitment is to ensure comfort for the residents of Naperville. This dedication is evident in our 22 years of service, during which we've replaced hundreds of outdated air conditioners with newer, more energy-efficient models. In doing so, we've enabled many of your neighbors to significantly cut down their utility bills. In other words, if you're considering an AC replacement in Aurora, we are the local HVAC company you can trust.

We pride ourselves on delivering a job well done on the first attempt, and we don't consider it complete until you're fully satisfied. If our service falls short of perfection, please contact us at (630) 548-1500. We'll ensure to make it right.

In need of a new air conditioner in Naperville? Dial (630) 548-1500 for a quote. Financing options are available!

Signs That It’s Time for a New AC

We recognize the inclination to delay AC replacement. It's a costly and inconvenient necessity, which many residents in Naperville often overlook while budgeting. The temptation to let your old air conditioner persevere a bit longer is understandable. However, a replacement is inevitable at some point. Here are some indicators that your existing AC unit is nearing its expiration:

  • Surging Utility Bills: Aging air conditioning systems in Naperville lack efficiency, struggling to reach optimal performance. Over time, cooling your home becomes an increasingly expensive endeavor. A sudden increase in your bill often signals an imminent major system failure.
  • Outdated Refrigerants: Old refrigerants contribute to climate damage and have been supplanted by newer, eco-friendly alternatives. Although your old AC in Naperville might still function, replacing the refrigerant in case of a leak may no longer be cost-effective, or even possible in some cases.
  • The Unit Runs Continuously: It's normal for your AC unit to operate more in hot weather. However, malfunctioning AC units struggle to reach desired temperatures, resulting in non-stop operation, even in milder conditions. If your air conditioner in Naperville is running longer than usual, it's a clear sign that AC maintenance or replacement is needed.
  • Frequent Repair Calls: As much as we value our customers, those who need more than one repair per season might benefit more from replacing their air conditioner. Once one component fails, others usually follow, leading to a catastrophic failure or the need for a complete AC replacement. With free quotes available, there's no downside to requesting an estimate for new air conditioner installation in Aurora or Naperville.
  • Age: With proper upkeep, an average air conditioner can last more than 15 years. However, if your unit is approaching that age, replacing it is often the more economical choice. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates utility savings between 20 and 40 percent after replacing an old unit.

If you observe any of these signs, don't hesitate to contact us at (630) 548-1500! Addressing the problem promptly could result in a manageable bill for AC repair in Naperville and possibly extend the lifespan of your current unit. Procrastination, on the other hand, might lead to a sequence of worsening issues down the line.

How We Determine and Install the Proper AC Unit

One major contributor to inefficient air conditioners is improper sizing and installation. A considerable number of AC repair calls in Naperville could be circumvented with adequate planning. That's why at Nortek, we prioritize accurately assessing your home's unique requirements. We also suggest additional options such as air handlers, air filtration systems, and zoning right from the start to help you save on total installation expenses.

Before we proceed with your AC system replacement, we carry out a load calculation to accurately determine the size of the replacement unit. We also assess your duct work and identify any necessary repairs. After all the calculations, we present you with a detailed AC installation quote.

This quote includes all aspects from new condensers, updated drain lines to modern thermostats. We also take a moment to discuss your budget and explore possibilities for rebates, financing, and coupon options.

At the end of the process, we provide a proposal that ensures the new system will meet the specific needs of you and your family. After all agreements are finalized, our HVAC specialist will accommodate your preferred schedule and set an appointment. We eagerly anticipate adding you to our roster of pleased customers in the Naperville area.

Exploring the AC Replacement Process

The day to replace or install your new air conditioning system has arrived, and it's natural to feel a bit anxious. Many homeowners often wonder about the process on the day of AC installation. How long will it last? Are there any preparations needed for AC replacement in Naperville? To help alleviate your worries, here's an outline of the process Nortek follows:

  1. We give you an initial estimate for the new AC installation
  2. We’ll make a reminder call for the appointment and ask you to secure your pets
  3. Our technician will put on boot covers and lay down drop cloths to keep your floors clean
  4. Any obstructing items will be carefully moved to avoid any damage
  5. The AC installer will carry out a second round of measurements for accuracy
  6. We dismantle your old equipment and arrange it for recycling
  7. Our technician will then bring in your new air conditioner
  8. The refrigerant lines will be connected to your main power source
  9. We switch on the power and carry out an initial test on the unit

After the initial test, our HVAC technician will conduct a few temperature checks to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Once the diagnostics are finished, they'll tidy up their work area and remove the drop cloth. Then you can relax in your refreshed comfort, comfortably settled back in your armchair.

Ensure your new system's longevity! Opt for AC maintenance in Naperville.

What if I Need AC in a Newly Built Home?

Firstly, allow us to congratulate you on your new home! We hope it's everything you envisioned. Our local HVAC company takes pride in collaborating with numerous home builders and remodelers in the Naperville area. As a result, we often get tasked with designing and installing new-build AC systems.

The procedure for installing a new AC system in Naperville mirrors the process of replacing an existing one. We perform the same calculations and take similar safety measures. The primary difference emerges during the setup process. For a fresh installation, we also take on the task of designing a fully functional ductwork system. And since it's a new build, there's no old air conditioner to dispose of.

In need of a new air conditioner? Dial (630) 548-1500 now to request an estimate for AC replacement in Naperville. We offer financing options!!

Why Nortek is the Right Choice for AC Installation in Naperville

If you want your new AC unit installed correctly, you can’t go wrong with Nortek Environmental, Inc.. We’ve been helping people in the Naperville area cool their homes for over 22 years. This experience means we have the expertise necessary to properly install and configure a variety of HVAC systems. When you work with us, you get an air conditioner prepared to reach the end of its lifespan. Our simplified installation process helps make your install experience stress-free.

Give us a call at (630) 548-1500 for a free quote on AC installation in Bolingbrook or Naperville.

FAQs about AC Replacement and Installation

Will Installing an AC Unit Increase My Home's Value?

Usually, it does! Replacing or installing a new air conditioner in Naperville could potentially increase your home's value by up to 10 percent. The added value is contingent upon the efficiency and features of the new unit. In some markets, selling a home without a cooling system is almost impossible. So, even if you intend to sell your home in Naperville soon, it might be worth considering an upgrade to your air conditioning system.

Many homeowners hold the belief that when it comes to air conditioning in Naperville, bigger is always better. However, that's not necessarily the case. While a large air conditioner can cool your home more rapidly, it will consume more electricity in the process. Additionally, it'll have a harder time extracting humidity from the air. Although it may seem inconvenient for your AC unit in Naperville to run for extended periods, longer cycles are more beneficial for both your budget and home comfort than shorter ones.

While most homes in Naperville likely have a SEER 14 unit, it's worthwhile to explore equipment with higher SEER ratings. Any unit with a rating above 16 SEER is regarded as highly efficient and can aid you in reducing long-term heating costs. Government rebates exist to offset the cost difference between a low SEER unit and a more efficient one. For details on potential AC discounts you might qualify for, don't hesitate to call us at (630) 548-1500.

Air conditioning systems comprise both interior and exterior components. Some homeowners in Naperville might believe that replacing only one component is a cost-effective way to limit AC repair and installation expenses. Unfortunately, it's not. Having mismatched components can result in regular repairs, increased energy bills, and diminished efficiency. Despite the seemingly daunting cost, replacing both parts of your cooling system will ultimately prove more economical in the long run.

We recommend obtaining multiple quotes for AC replacement in Bolingbrook or Naperville. This is the most reliable way to guarantee you're getting a fair deal. However, you must be sure to make direct comparisons. Does the other company offer a warranty as comprehensive as ours? Is their unit as good? How long have they been operating? As you decide, keep these factors in mind. We invite you to explore our financing and special offers pages to see our current deals.

Although the idea of repairing or installing your air conditioner yourself in Naperville may seem appealing, it's not advisable. Installation, sizing, and testing of air conditioners involve complex processes and many electronic and chemical components. Inadvertently tampering with these can cause serious injuries and even be fatal. So, unless you possess the requisite certifications, we recommend entrusting AC replacement in Naperville to the HVAC professionals at Nortek Environmental, Inc..

As previously mentioned, if your air conditioner is 10 to 15 years old, it's advisable to start budgeting for a new one. Like many other products, HVAC equipment prices follow a cyclical trend. To secure better deals on AC units, start shopping early, preferably before the summer peak. During late winter and early spring, local HVAC contractors tend to have more availability, making scheduling easier. This period also often sees many attractive financing deals. For Illinois, the optimal time ranges from February to April.

Buying a new AC unit in Naperville isn't as straightforward as online shoe shopping. It's always wise to obtain a quote from a licensed HVAC contractor. These professionals have the expertise to measure your home accurately and determine the ideal equipment for your needs. When it comes to making the best choice, we advise everyone to:

  • Opt for a contractor who installs equipment from reputed brands
  • Invest in a more energy-efficient model if you're not planning to sell your home
  • Inquire about warranty coverage

A typical AC replacement and installation in Naperville lasts between four to six hours. This timeline may extend if additional tasks like line flushing or bracket addition are required. For a precise estimate, feel free to ask our technician to guide you through the entire process.

Any home in Naperville can be equipped with central air, provided you're ready to invest in ductwork and design modifications. However, before you approach your local building contractor, reach out to us at (630) 548-1500. We'll not only explain the installation process but also introduce you to alternate cooling options. Systems like ductless mini-splits, whole house fans, swamp coolers, and heat pumps can offer similar benefits without the steep upfront costs.

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