Purchase Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panels at Nortek Environmental, Inc.

Purchase Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panels at Nortek Environmental, Inc.

Official Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panels are not something that are going to be easy to find at your local hardware store. Typically, Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panels and other parts are items that have to be purchased from an Authorized Aprilaire Contractor, making them unavailable at most retail stores. However, Nortek Environmental, Inc. is an authorized Aprilaire Contractor! We stock a variety of Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panels that our customers may purchase.

It’s no secret that you can purchase generic versions of humidifier pads that say they fit your unit correctly. But who knows your Aprilaire Humidifier better than Aprilaire? Not only are Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panels made in the USA (Wisconsin specifically), but they are designed to fit your Aprilaire Humidifier as best as possible.

Nortek Environmental, Inc. typically always carries a stock of of Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel Numbers 10, 12 and 35, as those fit most models of Aprilaire Humidifiers. If you want to verify that Nortek Environmental, Inc. has your model in stock, please feel free to call us at (630) 548-1500 where we can look up your desired Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel model in our inventory. If we have your model in stock, we would be happy to set it aside for you until the end of the business day! Additionally, if your item is not in stock, we would also be happy to check and see if we can order your Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel for you!

If you are unsure of which Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel model you need for your humidifier, all you need is your humidifier’s model number to locate that information. Please feel free to call Nortek Environmental, Inc. with your model number and we can look up which replacement size is correct for your unit that the Aprilaire website suggests as the best fit.

Additionally, Nortek Environmental, Inc. also stocks select models of Replacement Aprilaire Media Kits as well. If you need a replacement Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel, look no further than Nortek Environmental, Inc.. Our office is located at 600 Industrial Drive Suite 102, Naperville, IL 60563. You can also reserve your Aprilaire Humidifier Water Panel by calling ahead at (630) 548-1500.