Be More Energy Efficient with the Installation of a Heat Pump

The President's Corner

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Dear Justin,

With the Holidays quickly approaching, we find ourselves opening our wallets and purses even more frequently with the purchases of gifts, food for family gatherings, and holiday party expenses. We use coupons and advertisements in order to ensure that we are paying the lowest cost possible for the item. But what about making sure you are paying the lowest cost at home when it comes to your utility bills? Let Nortek Environmental, Inc. show you the biggest way to lower the operating costs of your home's HVAC System: A Heat Pump.

What Exactly is a Heat Pump?

Most homes have both a furnace and an air conditioner in order to regulate temperature. These are 2 separate pieces of equipment that are used in different times of the year, depending on whether you want to heat or cool your home. A heat pump is very different. For starters, a heat pump functions as both a furnace AND an air conditioner. Also, when you compare a heat pump to a furnace or an air conditioner, heat pumps can deliver up to 3 times the amount of heat energy to your home in comparison to the amount of energy that it consumes.

Aren't Heat Pumps Designed for Warmer Climates?

While it is true that heat pumps alone are more efficient in areas that have much more mild winters than us "Midwestern-ers", there is a solution that will allow the installation of a heat pump in your home to be just as energy efficient as a heat pump in warmer climates: the pairing with a high efficiency furnace. If you install a high efficiency furnace along with your heat pump, you will create a high efficiency system that will provide your home with proper, energy saving air quality throughout the entire year.

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All of us at Nortek Environmental, Inc. would like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season! May your days be merry and bright!

Lisa Averill
President Nortek Environmental, Inc..