Naperville Kitchen Energy Saving Tips

Naperville Kitchen Energy Saving Tips

In your home, your kitchen most likely needs to most power out of any other room. Between your refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, and other kitchen appliances (toaster, juicer, toaster oven, food processor, blender), you can expect a large portion of your energy bills to go towards the cost of running these appliances.

Because your kitchen consumes so much energy on a daily basis, we wanted to provide you with some Kitchen Energy Saving Tips to cut down your utility costs but still use your appliances with ease.

  1. Use your dishwasher over washing your dishes by hand. Using your dishwasher to wash a full load of dishes actually consumes less water than washing the equivalent amount by hand.
  2. When using your dishwasher, always load it to a full capacity. Unless your unit has a special setting, your dishwasher uses the same amount of water regardless if you are washing 1 dish or an entire load of dishes.
  3. Have some time before you need to use those dishes you just put in the dishwasher? By turning off the dry cycle and allowing your dishes to air dry will save you a few extra bucks on your utility bill.
  4. Keep your refrigerator as stocked as possible. By having food take up a lot of the space inside of your fridge, less cold air escapes when you open the door to take food out. This means your fridge will be using less energy to lower the inside temperature with a stocked fridge.
  5. When possible, use your microwave instead of your stove. Your microwave actually consumes 2/3 less energy than your stove does.
  6. Have an extra refrigerator somewhere around the house that you really don’t use that much? Unplug it or recycle it! You could save up to $150 a year!

And that’s just Kitchen Energy Saving Tips! We’ll keep you posted in later blogs on how you can cut down energy costs in other areas of your home.

Last but not least, Nortek Environmental, Inc. would like to wish you all a Happy Friday and a Fantastic Weekend!