Chicagoland Fourth of July Energy Saving Tips

Chicagoland Fourth of July Energy Saving Tips

We thought that a fun, yet educational, blog post to write for our readers was to write a post on Chicagoland Fourth of July Energy Saving Tips that can be used for the holiday, as well as throughout the entire summer. Whether you’re going to a family barbeque, hanging out at the pool with your friends, or staying in, anyone can use these quick tips to save money on their next utility bill!

Tip #1: Fire Up the Barbecue! Did you know that when you use your oven that you are not only paying for the energy to heat your oven, but also for the energy that it takes your air conditioner to remove that heat from your kitchen? One of the best Fourth of July Energy Saving Tips is just to use your barbecue! Grilling on summer holidays is a common practice for many Americans, so why not save some money while you’re at it? Because your barbecue is outside, you don’t have to pay for the extra energy to cool off the heat it emits! Don’t want to cook outside on the fourth? Then use the microwave! Microwave cooking uses less energy than your oven does to cook AND emits less heat, which will result in even bigger savings on your next utility bill.

Tip #2: When Away, Turn Your Thermostat Down! Did you know that setting your thermostat above 78 degrees for an extended period of time can save you up to 3% off of your next utility bill? It’s true! Whether you’re going to work, a company picnic, or the water park with the kids this holiday weekend, program your thermostat to only cool to 78 degrees (or higher) while everyone else is gone. There won’t be anyone home that needs to be cooled off anyways! However, for those of you leaving your pets at home for your holiday festivities, we understand that you may need to keep your A/C set on a lower temperature to keep the furry ones comfortable. Instead of setting the thermostat higher, closing your windows and shades is another great tip to keep the heat out of your home and save on your next utility bill!

Tip #3: Enjoy Those Summer Nights! One of the biggest perks of the summer is how beautiful it can get at night. By turning off your Air Conditioner and opening up some windows, you’ll be cooling your home without having to pay for it!

Tip #4: Let the Dishwasher Do The Dish Washin’! Are you planning on having company over for the holiday? Then you can definitely count on plenty of dirty dishes! But did you know that it’s much more energy efficient to wash your dishes in the dishwasher rather than by hand as it typically uses less water? Just make sure you are running a full load of dishes, as your dishwasher uses the same amount of water regardless if you’re washing 1 plate or an entire meal’s worth of plates. Want to get even more energy efficient with your dishwasher? Letting your dishes air dry rather than your dishwasher drying them will result in some bigger savings on your next utility bill!

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Nortek would like to wish and your loved ones a very happy and safe Fourth of July holiday weekend!