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Cool Summer Energy Saving Tips- Naperville IL

Cool Summer Energy Saving Tips- Naperville IL

This past weekend, many of us walked outside only to quickly go back inside to grab our nearest sweater and jacket. While many love fall-like temperatures, Mother Nature seems to be forgetting 1 thing, it is still July! This weekend’s record low temperatures were the lowest in the books, beating the previous lowest recorded temperature by 4 degrees. While this week is set to be a bit warmer than the weekend, we wanted to provide a few Summer Energy Saving Tips that can be utilized on cooler summer days.

  • Our first summer energy saving tip and one of the best ways to save money on your utility bills is by not running your air conditioner at all. With this past weekend’s temperatures going into the mid 60’s, there really isn’t too much of a reason to have your air conditioner running, as most homes have their cooling temperatures set between 70 and 74 degrees. Instead of running your air conditioner, turn your unit off and open up some windows. Not only is this a no-cost way to keep your home cool, but it also allows you to let fresh air into your home.
  • Another great summer energy saving tip of cool days involves fans. If you want to be even cooler, always keep in mind that it is more energy efficient to have a fan on, whether it be a portable fan or a ceiling fan. While a fan doesn’t reduce the temperature of a whole room, it can allow you to feel like you’re being cooled down. Just always remember, a fan that is on does not cool anything if there is nobody in the room. So always turn the fan off when exiting a room.
  • Take this cool weather opportunity to make sure your Air Conditioner is being blocked by any debris. With our Air Conditioning units being outside, it’s very common that leaves, wood chips, and other items from the outside can end up blocking parts of your Air Conditioner and restrict air flow, resulting in higher energy costs. Just do a quick glance around your air conditioner and make sure that there is nothing blocking the unit.

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