Become a Nortek Preferred Customer

A Message From The President

One of the best parts about working at Nortek Environmental, Inc. are my day to day interactions with some of the best customers a business owner can ask to serve. At Nortek Environmental, Inc., we strive to keep in constant contact with as many customers as possible, informing you of coupons available, new products, and energy saving tips among other items. While subscribing to our monthly newsletter is a great way to stay informed on the HVAC industry.

Dear Justin,

Nortek Environmental, Inc. strives to make each and every interaction with our customers a one-of-a-kind, positive and memorable experience. We also try to provide the best packages to our customers which allows them to save as much money as possible. Combining the 2 efforts, we developed the Nortek Environmental, Inc. Preventative Maintenance Agreement Program. The Nortek Environmental, Inc. "PMA" Program is designed to promote annual maintenance for your home's HVAC system at a reduced price and added perks for members.

What Products and Benefits are Included in the Nortek Environmental, Inc. Preventative Maintenance Agreement?

When you purchase a Nortek Environmental, Inc. PMA, you are purchasing a guaranteed maintenance package for your furnace and air conditioner for an entire year. You will receive a 22-Point Certified Air Conditioner Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection in the early Spring and a 22-Point Certified Furnace Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection in the early Fall. And don't worry about the possibility of forgetting your appointment. Nortek Environmental, Inc. will call you to schedule your "Clean and Tune" in both the Spring and Fall at the earliest possible convenience to you.

You are also entitled to certain perks and privileges with being an exclusive member of Nortek Environmental, Inc.'s Preventative Maintenance Agreement Program, including:

  • A 10% discount on Parts & Labor should your Furnace or Air Conditioner break down at all during your membership.
  • Priority Customer Service when scheduling service calls, meaning you will get the first available appointment and, if needed, place you at the top of our Cancellation List for an even sooner possible appointment.
  • A Transferable Agreement, so if you should move before your membership is over, your agreement can be transferred to the new homeowners.
  • Reminder Phone Calls to schedule your annual maintenance checks on your HVAC system.

Are There Any Catches or Gimmicks With the PMA Program?

We guarantee that there are absolutely no catches or gimmicks with this program. In fact, from the moment you sign up for the program, you'll be instantly saving over $40. How do we figure that out? Our 22-Point Certified Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspections cost $119.95. With the PMA Program, you'll be receiving 2 of those throughout the year, valuing at $239.90.The cost of a Nortek Environmental, Inc. PMA Program Membership is only $198, meaning that you save $41.90 immediately.

Also, when you factor in the 10% discount on parts and labor for future repairs and that your HVAC system runs more efficiently when maintained on an annual basis, you will be saving a MINIMUM of $41.90. The Nortek Environmental, Inc. Preventative Maintenance Agreement Program provides several opportunities for you, as a preferred Nortek Environmental, Inc. Customer, to save money throughout the year.