Naperville Pollen Reduction with Sanuvox UV Light System

High Pollen Count in Naperville

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For the past few weeks, there has been a warning issued for a high pollen count in Naperville, IL, other towns in DuPage County and the surrounding areas. With pollen being one of the most common causes of allergy issues, it’s safe to say that those affected by pollen do the best they can to reduce pollen exposure to themselves and their families.

However, did you know that a simple addition to your home’s HVAC system can kill the pollen in your home, along with dust mites, bacteria, mold, odors and other airborne particles?

The filters in our home’s ventilation system removes some particles from the air, however, it isn’t enough if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Although a filter will help clean the air inside your home, airborne biological and chemical contaminants are so fine that they will pass through even the most efficient filters, such as sand in a tennis racket. In these cases, a UV air purifier becomes the only solution.

The Sanuvox UV Light Disinfection system is a unit that is directly installed int your home’s duct work or HVAC system that kills any airborne bacteria passing by. Don’t be fooled by thinking your furnace filter catches all of these items. Imagine that your furnace filter, on a microscopic level, resembles that of a tennis racket. It can catch the larger particles that pass by, but the smaller particles have no problem passing through.

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You can find current information about pollen levels in our area by visiting the NATIONAL ALLERGY BUREAU POLLEN AND MOLD REPORT.