Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tips

Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tips

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just over 2 weeks away? While some of us have probably already found that perfect turkey to make, others are still compiling a to do list for the holiday. Since Thanksgiving usually is one of your largest meals of the year, it should come at no surprise that it is also one of the largest energy consuming meals of the year as well when you take into consideration the energy to store and cook the food, as well as the energy to entertain your guests. Nortek Environmental, Inc. has compiled a list of Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips for you to consider while getting your home ready for the big turkey day!

Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tip #1: Pack Light - Traveling lighter can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save gas prices as well! If you’re traveling by airplane, we highly recommend traveling with just a carry on and a personal item. While you won’t save money on gas, you won’t have to check your bag when boarding. With many airlines now charging for each checked bag, you can expect to save at least $25 per bag!

Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tip #2: Unplug Before Leaving Home - Before you head out for your trip, unplug any appliances and equipment that won’t be used while you’re away. Remember, when an item is plugged in but isn’t on, it still draws power. Unplugging your equipment is the only way to ensure that you don’t get charged on your next utility bill for unused power usage.

Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tip #3: Use Rechargeable Batteries - Bring items on your trip that use rechargeable batteries rather than disposable batteries. Not only is this good for the environment, but it will save you money as well. While many rechargeable batteries are a bit more expensive than disposable batteries, you save money in the long run by only having to purchase one set.

Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tip #4: Minimize Your Air Travel - Did you know that it’s estimated that air travel accounts for a potential 10% of greenhouse gas emissions? That’s why it’s extremely important to reduce air travel by as much as possible. While air travel is quicker, taking a road trip can often be cheaper and more energy efficient, especially when more than 1 of you is traveling together.

Thanksgiving Travel Energy Saving Tip #5: Stay Local for Meals - Chances are Thanksgiving won’t be the only meal you have while away for the holiday. When choosing where to go for meals, pick locations that are close to where you are staying, but also see if you can dine at locations that purchase locally as well.

It’s very important that, when traveling, you plan out traveling means ahead of time and certain activities while at your destination. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our special Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips leading up until the big day!

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