Winter HVAC Tips

Winter HVAC Tips

While Mother Nature seems to be undecided on whether to immerse the Chicagoland in full-blown Winter weather now or later (hey, who can’t appreciate these 50 degrees days in December?), it is extremely important to make sure that your home’s HVAC system is ready for Winter-mode, making your family comfortable during the coldest time of the year in Chicagoland. Nortek Environmental, Inc. has provided a list of Winter HVAC Tips for you to use as a checklist before Winter begins to make sure that your home is ready to tackle the upcoming extended period of cold weather.

Winter HVAC Tip #1 - Get Your Unit Maintained - We cannot stress the importance of having your HVAC System maintained on an annual basis. While it’s important for you to get both your Furnace and your Air Conditioner maintained yearly. it’s the most important to get your Furnace maintained during the Winter, as your Furnace is what heats your home. We highly recommend scheduling your 22-Point Certified Furnace Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection as soon as possible to make sure your home’s Furnace is ready for Winter.

Winter HVAC Tip #2 - Change Your Furnace Filter - Replacing your Furnace Filter on a monthly basis is vital towards keeping your Furnace healthy. Because your Furnace Filter accumulates debris as it runs, your Furnace Filter becomes clogged with such debris, making it harder for your furnace to breathe. Make sure that your replace your Furnace Filter once a month to make sure that you maximize your Furnace’s utility and make it easier for your Furnace to function.

Winter HVAC Tip #3 - Update Your Home’s Thermostat - Using a dated thermostat can greatly impact the functionality of your Furnace. If you are still using a thermostat that uses mercury, chances are that it is often inaccurate and does not allow you to get your home to your desired temperature. If your thermostat heats your home more than desired, you will often waste energy to heat your home. We highly recommend upgrading to a new thermostat, as newer thermostats are much more accurate and feature more options that can help you save money on your upcoming utility bills.

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