The Importance of Humidifiers- Naperville, IL HVAC

The Importance of Humidifiers- Naperville, IL HVAC

Did you know that heating your home dries out the air? The resulting dry air absorbs moisture from you and everything inside your home. The results of dry air include the obvious such as dry itchy skin and static shocks. But did you know that viruses thrive in low humidity conditions and can actually increase the likelihood of getting colds or the flu? In addition, when heated air isn't properly humidified, it causes walls and ceilings to crack and wood floors and trim to separate.

As the seasons begin to change towards the end of the year, the air gets cooler and cooler. One thing that can be noted during the colder months is that there is far less humidity in the air than there is in the summer. While some of us may be happy that the air is typically far less humid during this time of year, one place you still want to keep some humidity is in your home. This makes Humidifier Importance even higher than ever. We wanted to provide a list as to why having a humidifier in your home during the fall and winter months is beneficial to you and your family as well.

Humidifier Importance Fact #1: Keep Your Skin Hydrated- When you live in an environment that doesn’t have a high enough level of humidity, you may notice that your skin can become dry and even crack at some points. Those who have experienced cracked skin before can attest to how painful it can be. Having a humidifier in your home will keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Humidifier Importance Fact #2: Combat the Common Cold - Did you know that viruses and bacteria linger longer and transmit better in dry air? That is why people are more easily susceptible to developing sinus infections or catching colds and the flu in cold weather. And if anyone in your home is already sick, a humidifier can help them get better faster. Using a humidifier would make your household less vulnerable to getting – and staying – sick this winter.

Humidifier Importance Fact #3: Prevent Nosebleeds - Nosebleeds are one of the most common indicators that your home’s humidity level is too low. By installing a humidifier as a part of your home’s HVAC system, you are decreasing you and your family’s chances of nosebleeds during winter and fall.

Humidifier Importance Fact #4: It Helps Healing - When your home is at a proper humidity level, it actually allows your lungs to be more elastic and your nasal passages lubricated, which is essential for getting over the cold. It can actually help those who suffer from asthma or other allergies as well!

Humidifier Importance Fact #5: Improved Quality of Breathing and Sleeping - One of the keys to a restful night’s sleep is being able to breath comfortably. Irritated and infected sinuses, a parched throat and/or a dry nose all lead to breathing difficulties and discomfort, making it tough trying to fall or remain asleep. Not to mention that dry air can could also make your nasal membranes too dry and restrict your airflow, potentially causing or worsening snoring.

Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma? In addition to minimizing the formation of viruses and bacteria, a good, whole-house humidifier will also reduce the amount of dust mites, fungi and other symptom-inducing pollutants in your home.

Humidifier Importance Fact #6: Protect the Wood in Your Home - If you have wooden furniture, floors or cabinetry, they are all susceptible to being permanently damaged by improper humidity levels in your home. Dry air can cause cracking and warping in wooden structures, and so a humidifier can also help preserve the natural beauty of your home’s furnishings.

Because indoor humidity levels impact not only the health and comfort of everyone in your home but also the preservation of the furnishings within it, you truly need to consider managing the air quality in every room of your house. One way to achieve this is to install multiple single-room humidifier units in each room of your home where. But a far more effective and efficient strategy is to install a whole house humidifier. Also known as a central humidifier, it distributes humidification throughout the whole house. An Aprilaire whole house humidifier will provide just the right amount of moisture throughout your entire home, improving the comfort and health of everyone in it.

Nortek Environmental, Inc. proudly installs Aprilaire humidifiers and dehumidifiers as well. We strongly recommend you consider the addition of a humidifier into your home if you don’t have one already, as it will improve your family’s comfort level for the upcoming heating season. If you have any questions about getting a humidifier in your home, feel free to contact Nortek Environmental, Inc. at (630) 548-1500. Thanks, and Happy Halloween everyone!