Your Summer Programmable Thermostat Schedule

Your Summer Programmable Thermostat Schedule

While your furnace and air conditioner may be the heart of your home’s HVAC system, your thermostat acts as the brain. It communicates with the components of your HVAC system, telling your furnace, air conditioner, and sometimes even your indoor air quality equipment when to turn on and shut off. One of the best features offered for thermostats is them being programmable, and setting a programmable thermostat schedule. Way back when, in the summer for example, you had to make a choice when leaving the house for work: Do I keep my air conditioner running at a low temperature so it’s cool when I get home and pay for the energy costs, or do I turn my thermostat up and keep my home at a higher temp for when I get home and save on utility costs? Now, with a programmable thermostat, you get the best of both worlds!

For the summer months, this is the programmable thermostat schedule we recommend using:

  • When You Wake Up: Program your air conditioner to run at your desired comfort temperature around the time you normally wake up.
  • When You Leave for Work: If the house is empty, we recommend programming your thermostat to go up to around 80 degrees around the time you leave your home each morning. Do take into consideration if others will be at home during the day, especially pets, and adjust to their comfort as needed.
  • About an Hour Before Your Anticipated Arrival Time Home: Program your thermostat to begin to cool to your desired temperature. This way, by the time you arrive home, it should be cool inside.
  • When You Get Ready for Bed: This is going to be your personal preference. Some people like it really cool in their home when they sleep. If that’s the case, we recommend programming your thermostat’s temperature down a few degrees for when you’re sleeping. If you don’t mind it being slightly warmer while you sleep, then program your thermostat temperature to go up a few degrees while you’re sleeping.

When it comes down to it, it all comes down to preference, as you should pick the programmable thermostat schedule that best fits you!

For more information about SMART programmable thermostats, see our blog Smart Thermostat Savings and “Should I Get A Smart Thermostat?” If You’re Interested In Saving Money, The Answer Is YES. Also check out the 2019 available rebates here Switch to a SMART thermostat and save! Get up to $100 Rebate with ComEd.

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