Car Energy Saving Tips- Naperville IL

Car Energy Saving Tips- Naperville IL

When it comes to items that you use on a daily basis, one item that will be on everyone’s list is their car. And any car owner knows that a car uses a very large amount of energy when using. Because a car uses so much gas/energy when you’re driving it, it’s extremely important to know any energy saving tips there are for cars in order to make it cost less for you to use your car on a daily basis. We’ve compiled a list of car energy saving tips that you can use to help reduce the amount of times you fill up at the gas station and possibly even reduce repair costs to your car as well.

Car Energy Saving Tip #1: Drive Sensibly- Whenever you are operating a vehicle, always be sure to follow whatever the speed limit is. Typically, going faster in a car means that you’re consuming more gas than you would if you were driving at a slower speed. Also, don’t accelerate and break very quickly, this also leads to a higher amount of gas consumption.

Car Energy Saving Tip #2: Pack Light- The more weight there is in your car, the more gas it takes to make it move. If you’ve been driving around with large items in your trunk, it’s probably best to take them out as soon as possible. Driving lighter can save you up to 5% on your gas consumption.

Car Energy Saving Tip #3: Make 1 Long Trip- If you have a bunch of errands that need to get done, it’s more energy efficient to combine all of these errands into 1 trip. Making multiple trips will increase the amount of distance driven, thus increasing the amount of gas consumed and also will put unnecessary mileage on your car.

Car Energy Saving Tip #4: Carpool when possible- If you’re going out to dinner with some friends that live nearby or have a coworker that lives on the way to work, it’s very economically friendly to carpool with them. Alternating driving not only reduces the amount of gas you consume, but also reduces the amount of gas emission into the air, making our air less polluted than it would be with 2 cars on the road.

Car Energy Saving Tip #5: Check Your Air Filter- Yes! Your car, like your furnace, has an air filter too! Checking to make sure that your air filter is clean and replacing your air filter on a regular basis can save you up to 10% of your gas consumption!

We hope these car energy saving tips helped you think of how your driving habits can be slightly altered to save gas costs for you! If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact Nortek Environmental, Inc. at (630) 548-1500!