DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tips for your Home

DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tips for your Home

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to get your Air Conditioner ready for the upcoming cooling season. While the absolute best thing you can do to get your Air Conditioner summer-ready is by scheduling a 22-Point Certified Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection, there are a few things you can do on your own! We’ve compiled a list of a few DIY Air Conditioner Start-Up Tips for you to keep in mind as the outside weather is getting warmer:

DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tip #1: Make Sure Your Thermostat is On Cooling Mode – It sounds simple, but you would be surprised how many people think their Air Conditioner isn’t working when, in actuality, their thermostat is still on heat mode.

DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tip #2: Clear Any Air Blockage – Make sure that your Air Conditioner itself isn’t having any air flow obstruction. There should be at least a foot or 2 of cleared space around your unit. Additionally, in your home, make sure that none of your vents are being blocked by rugs, furniture, or other items. Air flow obstruction can be the cause of several potential HVAC system problems. Also, make sure that your events are actually opened as well.

DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tip #3: Replace Your Furnace Filter – While this relates to air blockage, replacing your furnace filter is so important we’ve listed it as a separate tip all in itself. Ensure that your HVAC system isn’t being blocked by anything. For the average home, we recommend replacing your furnace filter at least once a month.

DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tip #4: Air Conditioner Repairs Are Not DIY – It’s important that if you are experiencing any problems with your Air Conditioner that you contact a licensed HVAC contractor to fix it. Not only do self-done repairs require intensive knowledge and skill to complete, you can also void any warranties on your equipment and/or the individual part by installing it yourself.

DIY Air Conditioner Start Up Tip #5: Annual Maintenance is a Must – It’s extremely important to keep your air conditioner maintained on an annual basis by a licensed HVAC professional. Having preventative maintenance work completed on your air conditioner allows it to run longer. Additionally, whenever your air conditioner is maintained, your HVAC specialist inspects your unit to see if there are any advised repairs you should be aware of, allowing you to fix your air conditioner before it breaks down and leaves your family without cool air. Nortek Environmental, Inc. offers a 22-Point Certified Air Conditioner Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection in which one of Nortek Environmental, Inc.’s licensed technicians comes out to your home and performs 22 separate tasks on your air conditioner to ensure that it is running properly and efficiently. We highly advise anyone in the Naperville area to receive a 22-Point Certified Air Conditioner Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection to prevent air conditioner repairs.

Make sure to keep these tips in mind as you turn on your Air Conditioner for the start of Cooling Season! Additionally, if you are interested in scheduling your 22-Point Certified Air Conditioner Tune-Up, Cleaning and Inspection to contact our office at (630) 548-1500 to schedule your appointment!