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Make the Switch to a High Efficiency Furnace this Fall!

Make the Switch to a High Efficiency Furnace this Fall!

October is one of those interesting months where you may find yourself turning on your furnace or your air conditioner depending on how the weather is acting outside! Luckily, during the day, we shouldn’t find it getting too unbearably cold. It’s because of this rather mild weather that makes October the perfect month to consider upgrading your furnace to a High Efficiency Furnace! High Efficiency Furnaces are one of the best ways to cut back on your home’s utility bills, with most High Efficiency Furnaces being able to pay for themselves throughout the life of your unit! This makes High Efficiency Furnaces a fantastic investment in your home!

High efficiency furnaces convert more energy into heat than your standard furnace. At Nortek Environmental, Inc., we use this example to explain how High Efficiency Furnaces can save you more money. Let’s compare an 80% Efficiency Furnace to a 95% Efficiency Furnace. Imagine you had to prepay for the energy to power your furnace by feeding money into your furnace. In a standard 80% Efficiency furnace, for every dollar that you fed that furnace, 80 cents of that dollar would be converted into energy to heat your home and the remaining 20 cents would be exhausted and unused. If you put that dollar in a 95% High Efficiency Furnace, your furnace would convert 95 cents of that dollar into heat for your home while only 5 cents would be exhausted and unable to be used. While 15 cents may not seem like a lot from this example, this also means that for every $100 spent on energy for your furnace would result in $15 of savings, which is quite a hefty amount.

Nortek Environmental, Inc. offers a wide range of High Efficiency Furnaces to our customers. If you’re interested in replacing your home’s furnace or have any questions about the new furnace installation process, please do not hesitate to call us at (630) 548-1500.

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