The Rheem RGRM High Efficiency Furnace Line

A Message From The President

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Dear Justin,

There are several little things that anyone can do to save a buck: condensing errands into one trip, turning the lights off when leaving a room, turning your thermostat up a few degrees during cooling season or down during the heating season, and several other minor changes. While those are great ways to save a buck or two, how about making a change to your lifestyle that will cut your energy costs significantly? Allow us to introduce Rheem's RGRM Series, a line of energy-efficient gas furnaces that will slash your energy costs. The RGRM Series reaches up to 95% efficiency, one of the highest ratings of all furnaces. This high efficiency rating means big savings for homeowners

Why Should I Install an RGRM Furnace?

High-Efficiency Furnaces are designed to ensure that the gas being used to power your furnace is converted into heat as much as possible. For instance, "mid-efficiency" furnaces run at about an 80% efficiency level, meaning that 80% of the gas being used by the furnace is being converted into heat for your home, while 20% of it is being exhausted. High-Efficiency Furnaces tend to run at an efficiency level between 90-95%, meaning that as little as 5% of the gas used by your furnace is being exhausted. A feature that the Rheem's RGRM Series furnaces has, which ensures that your furnace isn't exhausting more gas than it needs to, is an additional heat exchanger. This heat exchanger condenses the gas exhausted by your furnace into water vapor, which is drained by a PVC pipe rather than venting the vapor outdoors. This ensures that heat is staying in your home as opposed to losing some of it through the venting. Having a Rheem RGRM Series High-Efficiency Gas Furnace installed in your home will ensure that.

Do High-Efficiency Furnaces Cost More than a Regular Furnace?

Typically, high efficiency furnaces run at about $500-$1000 more than "mid-efficiency" furnaces. However, by choosing to install a Rheem RGRM Series High-Efficiency Gas Furnace in your home, you will be eligible to receive a Federal Tax Credit. So while initially you are paying more for a High-Efficiency Furnace as opposed to a "Mid-Efficiency" Furnace, these extra costs can be negated through the Federal Tax Credit and lower operating costs for your furnace. So in the long run, you will be saving money by having a Rheem RGRM Series High-Efficiency Furnace installed in your home.

The Installation of a Rheem RGRM Series High-Efficiency Furnace is the perfect addition to any home. Not only will you be cutting the energy costs to run your HVAC system, but you will also make yourself eligible to receive a Federal Tax Credit. We encourage you to call Nortek Environmental, Inc. today at (630) 548-1500 if you should have any further questions on Rheem's RGRM Series High-Efficiency Furnaces. You can also visit the RGRM Series Web Page on the Rheem Website for further information.

Lisa Averill
President Nortek Environmental, Inc..