5 Tips To Keep A Cool Home During Summer

5 Tips To Keep A Cool Home During Summer

It’s officially summer time! Nortek Environmental, Inc. has great tips to keep cool during summer months.

For many of us in the Chicago-land area, that means cranking up the air conditioner too high in order to keep the house from feeling like a sauna. Here at Nortek Environmental, Inc., we care about your comfort and the upkeep of your HVAC system during this season when it’s going to really matter.

1. Use A Programmable or Smart Thermostat

One of the most effective ways to keep your home at a comfortable temperature is to use a programmable thermostat. During the summer, consider setting the temperature to around 78 degrees (Fahrenheit) when you are at home and 88 degrees when you are out. You can even program the thermostat to start cooling down the rooms before you arrive home. With a “smart thermostat”, things get even easier, as this device can “learn” to manage your home’s temperature based on your needs.

Nortek Environmental, Inc., your local Naperville HVAC specialists, can help you select and install a smart thermostat.

2. Set Ceiling Fans Counter-Clockwise

Did you know that your ceiling fan can help cool or warm a room? If took advantage of your fans during this past winter and spring to help keep warm air inside the room, then your fans were set to rotate clockwise. Don’t forget to change the setting to run counter-clockwise and on high-speed to create a cool breeze. If most of the rooms aren’t being used, you can give your HVAC system a break by turning it off and just using the ceiling fans in the rooms being occupied.

3. Use Exhaust and Bathroom Fans

The fans in your bathroom and kitchen do more than just help with odors. Your kitchen exhaust fan can draw away the hot air that rises from the stove while you’re cooking. Meanwhile, a fan in the bathroom can help cool off a steamy bathroom after a hot bath or shower.

4. Replace Air Filters

The dirtier your air filter is, the harder it is going to have to work to cool your home. Save on energy usage, protect your AC unit, and raise your home’s comfort level by regularly replacing the air filters. It is recommended that you change your air filters:

  • Once or twice a year in a home with a single occupant with no allergies and no pets
  • Every 90 days in the typical home
  • Every 60 days in a home with one pet
  • Every 30 days in a home with multiple pets or occupants with allergies

5. Give your AC a Check-up

At the end of the day, nothing helps ensure your home stays cools as much as an air conditioner in peak condition. Regular system check-up and maintenance is key to ensuring your unit is working at optimal performance. Schedule a Naperville, IL Air-Conditioner Service with Nortek Environmental, Inc., Inc. today to ensure you and your family stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

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