Nortek Has Gone Social

A Message From The President

Summer has always been my favorite season. I absolutely love being outside in the warm weather and spending time with my family and friends. These past few months, I’ve learned a few tips on ways that I can save money on my utility bills during the summer that I would like to pass on to you. For starters, use your grill as much as possible! Keeping your oven off means that there will be less heat in your kitchen causing your air conditioner to not have to cool down that extra heat. Also, when going out for the day, lowering your thermostat setting to 78 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer will also save you some extra money on your utility bills. Finally, take advantage of these cool summer nights. Instead of sleeping with your Air Conditioner on, open a window and shut your A/C off. You’ll still be cooling your home but will not be paying to do so!

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Dear Justin,

One of the most important qualities that a business can have is ensure that there are as many lines of communication between the business and the customer. When Nortek Environmental, Inc. first opened its doors, we primarily were just using phone calls and the occasional email to communicate with our customers. With that being over 10 years ago, the times have definitely changed and one of the most prominent places that business interactions take place is through Social Media. Nortek Environmental, Inc. has been working on developing their presence on many Social Media platforms to engage in daily interactions with past, present and future customers. Not only does Nortek Environmental, Inc. have daily interactions with our customers, but we also provide special tips and promotions to our followers on Social Media. This entire newsletter is dedicated to what you will gain out of following Nortek Environmental, Inc. on Social Media. Where Can I Find Nortek Environmental, Inc. Online? The first place we recommend you visiting for any of your HVAC needs is our website. Here you will find all of our contact information, a list of our services, as well as links to our other Social Media sites.

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What is Nortek Planning in Regards to Future Social Media Projects?

Currently, Nortek is taking the steps necessary to expand our Social Media presence on other appropriate platforms. We are also working towards a larger product involving Social Media which will give our followers the opportunity to help Nortek give back to the community.

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