Ways to Reuse Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Ways to Reuse Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is officially less than 2 days away, and many of us are making preparations for the big holiday by getting our dishes ready, getting our homes clean, gassing up the car to head out on Thursday morning (or afternoon) and making our last minute travel arrangements. Not only are we getting ready for a holiday meal with family and friends, but also for the aftermath of the holiday: a boat load of great leftovers! However, did you know the main dish, your Thanksgiving Turkey, can be so much more than just a heated left over? It’s true! We’ve provided a list of ideas on what you can reuse leftover Thanksgiving Turkey for.

Reuse Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Transformation #1 - Sandwiches: Ok, so this is probably one of the most obvious transformations, but think about all you can do with a turkey sandwich! You can turn it into a true Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich by putting some leftover turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce or gravy on fresh bread and you can have your entire Thanksgiving Dinner in a sandwich! Also, get creative! Maybe instead of a sandwich, you can make a wrap!

Reuse Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Transformation #2 - Tacos: Maybe this transformation isn’t so obvious. Think about it, though. Chicken tacos are very common, so how much different can a turkey taco be? Throw some onions and peppers in a skillet and throw them on top of some turkey in a taco shell and it’s a Turkey Fajita!

Reuse Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Transformation #3 - Turkey Pot Pie: Turkey is a great substitute for chicken in a Chicken Pot Pie. Since most meat in a pot pie needs to be cooked before hand, you will already have that covered. Just dice up your turkey and throw in your regular pot pie ingredients and voila.

Reuse Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Transformation #4 - Turkey Salad: Cut your turkey into small slices and throw it on top of your favorite greens and other vegetables. Maybe make a Turkey Caesar Salad? Just try it!

We hope these Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Transformation ideas helped trigger ways you can recycle your leftover turkey into a new meal after Thanksgiving has passed! Have any other ideas for ways to use your leftover turkey? Please share your ideas with other readers!