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How To Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality- Naperville, IL

How To Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality- Naperville, IL

One of the most important areas that Nortek Environmental, Inc. services is your home’s indoor air quality. We believe that the air you and your family breathes should be the highest quality and cleanest air as possible. That being said, Nortek Environmental, Inc. has generated a quick list of indoor air quality tips for you to use in your home to make sure that the air in your home is of the highest possible quality.

Indoor Air Quality Tip #1: Ditch the Air Fresheners - This may be an extremely hard change to make being that air fresheners come in so many different varieties and scents that make your home smelling clean and amazing. However, the problem with air fresheners is that they contain air pollutants in them. When using air fresheners in your home, you are releasing these pollutants into the air and allowing everyone in your home to breathe them in. A good alternative to air fresheners are either fragrance free air fresheners or natural air fresheners in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Tip #2: Have Someone Check Your Appliances - This is especially true if your appliances are older models. How it typically works is that the older your appliances are, the higher the chance that they may be emitting pollutants into your home. A great idea is to have an appliance expert come to your home and test your appliances for possible leaks. While an expert is at your home and if they detect a leak, discuss what options you have to fix the leak to reduce the amount of leakage your appliance has.

Indoor Air Quality Tip #3: Invest in Welcome Mats - One of the best ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality is to place mats to wipe your shoes off at all entrances to your home. The reasoning is this: the dirt that you track in from your shoes not only leaves muddy footprints in you home, but also brings that dirt into your home’s air, polluting it! Additionally, be sure to vacuum floors once a week and then mop (where you can). Vacuums will remove the dirt and the mop will clean up whatever your vacuum misses.

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