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Nortek Provides Residential and Commercial Services

Nortek Environmental, Inc. Residential and Commercial HVAC Services

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  • We are certified Trane Comfort Specialists (Repairs, Maintenance and installations)

If you own a commercial building or rental property, you may be at a crossroads between replacing or retrofitting your building’s heating and cooling equipment due to age. A report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration states that nearly half of all commercial buildings were constructed before 1980. As these buildings age, so does their HVAC equipment. When equipment becomes outdated or closes in on its useful life, you are left with a decision: to retrofit or replace.

To help you choose the most appropriate path for your facility and building-specific needs, consider these questions:

  • Return on investment
  • (ROI) of a retrofit or replacement upgrade can have a large impact on your decision.

  • Where is the equipment located in the facility?
  • Equipment that is in hard-to-reach spaces such as a basement or highly-electrical location may come with barriers. If your equipment is easily accessible, either inside or outside the building, then it can be replaced without extra installation requirements.

  • What is the remaining lifetime performance of your equipment?
  • Over time, aging equipment will not be able to keep pace with advancing technology and infrastructure. However, knowing where your equipment is in its useful life can help determine a path forward.

  • What are your connected capabilities?
  • Eventually you will need to connect your building, meaning everything will work together to provide an efficient and comfortable environment. But connected capabilities might not be possible with outdated equipment. For equipment to be connectable, it will need SMART technology. If a retrofit is not possible with your current equipment, a replacement would allow you to install these features.

    The right HVAC partner can offer applications that connect HVAC with other building systems, such as lighting, security and water, and will have the ability to actively analyze the data.

    Over time, aging equipment will not be able to keep pace with advancing technology and infrastructure. But knowing where your equipment is in its useful life can help determine a plan for replacement. If the equipment is too outdated, it could be ineligible for a retrofit. If it’s still able to perform its job, letting it run until its end will give you time to access the best replacement option and plan ahead.

Nortek Environmental, Inc. not only provides services for all of your residential heating, cooling and air quality needs, but we work in commercial environments as well. Just as in your home, we can service and maintain your business HVAC equipment. Call Nortek Environmental, Inc. today for all of your residential and commercial heating HVAC and air quality needs at 630-548-1500.

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