Naperville IL High Efficiency Furnaces

Naperville IL High Efficiency Furnaces

When it gets as hot and humid in the Chicagoland area, one of the last things homeowners like to think about is Heating season and their furnace. However, did you ever take a moment to consider how addressing any furnace concerns in the summer will never put yourself or your family at risk for going without heat or possibly upgrading your current furnace to a high efficiency furnace?

It’s true. And now is the best time for you to learn a bit about how a high efficiency furnace will not only keep your home nice and warm during the heating season, but save you more money when it comes to paying your utility bills.

Typically, all furnaces are required to have at least a 78% efficiency rating. However, a high efficiency furnace is one that has a minimum of a 90% efficiency rating. We like to use this analogy to help explain what your efficiency level means: imagine you have to manually insert money into your furnace. If you have an 80% efficiency unit, for every dollar you put into that unit, 80 cents of that dollar is being used to heat your home, while 20 cents is essentially being thrown away, not doing anything for your home at all. The higher efficiency of your furnace, the more money that is being used to heat your home.

Regular, non high efficiency furnaces tend to loose the heat they generate through heated gases and water vapor that is vented out of your flue pipe. High Efficiency Furnaces have a special mechanism that removes the heat from the water vapor through a secondary process and use this extracted heat to heat your home.

Nortek Environmental, Inc. does offer a special Flue Analysis for your existing furnace. During this process, Nortek Environmental, Inc. uses a special device that measures how efficient your current furnace is, where you can then compare it to that of a high efficiency furnace. For more questions regarding how to receive a flue analysis in your home, please call us at (630) 548-1500.