Smart Thermostat Savings

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Smart Thermostat Savings

How many times have you left your house, get 10 minutes down the road, and forget if you did something before you left? And, a lot of times, you question what was your last setting for your thermostat. These days, Smart Home Technology is huge, and it’s beginning to become the norm. We think the installation of a Smart Thermostats are great addition to your home for multiple reasons:

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Save Time

Before Smart Thermostats, the newest sort of thermostat technology was a programmable thermostat. This means you could set a schedule would automatically adjust your thermostat settings throughout the day. Usually, your programmable thermostat would need to use your same settings for the weekdays and the weekends. Programmable thermostats also would usually only allow you to put 4 or 5 different settings in throughout the day. With Smart Thermostats, your scheduling ability is essentially endless. With your Smart Thermostat, you can set an individual schedule for your Smart Thermostat for each day of the week, for as many times as you want. It’s just more convenient, and means you won’t be needing to remember about manually changing your temperatures throughout the day.

Now, with a Smart Thermostat, you also have the ability to access your thermostat remotely through either an App or a Website. So, when you’re enjoying the warm Caribbean sun during a cold winter, all it takes is a few taps of your fingers to make sure your furnace is working. That extra peace of mind of knowing you won’t be coming home to any issues can be priceless. What’s also great is, even if you have a programmed schedule, you can manually adjust your thermostats remotely as well. Maybe during that summer vacation, it’s not as warm as you thought back home, so you can bump up the AC a few degrees to save money and energy. Speaking of money…

Smart Thermostats Save Money

Let’s be honest, there are parts of the day where nobody is at home. So, when nobody’s home, why pay to heat or cool it to the same comfort level? You can use a Smart Thermostat’s programmable capabilities to automatically adjust your HVAC settings to an eco-friendly mode when your home is left alone. In fact, your Smart Thermostat app on your cell phone uses location technology to detect when you’re not home. With this information, your app will make temperature setting suggestions.

Depending on where you live, you may also be eligible for a Utility Rebate for the installation of a Smart Thermostat. ComEd currently offers a $100 rebate towards the installation of an ENERGY STAR® Rated Smart Thermostat. This sizable savings helps lower your overall installation cost. For eligibility, we recommend you contact your Electric Provider for full program details.

Integrate With Other Smart Home Technologies

You can command your Amazon Echo & Google Home by voice to adjust your home’s temperature. On top of that, if you have any sort of routines set, you can now integrate the Smart Thermostat into that routine. It’s really just an added layer of convenience that makes your home even smarter.

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