Fun Facts About Air Conditioning

The weather seems to slowly be getting warmer outside, and that has all of us here at Nortek extremely excited. Summer is one of our favorite seasons! Our technicians can spend more time outdoors during the work day, we open up the windows at our storefront, located at 600 Industrial Drive, Suite 102, Naperville, IL 60563, and there is more daylight as well.

Because of our love of summer, we’re wanting to spread the excitement by sharing a few interesting tips that you may not know about your homes air conditioner in a list of fun facts!

Air Conditioner Fun Facts

  • Fun Fact #1. Summer Movie-Goers Can Thank Air Conditioners: Did you know that during the Great Depression, movie theaters were one of the first business establishments that featured air conditioners? It is because of this that summer time was an extremely popular time of the year to go see a movie. Not only could people kick back and enjoy a great movie, but they also got to escape the heat!
  • Fun Fact #2. Air Conditioning and Summer Break: Back during times where air conditioners were not around, it wasn’t out of the norm for some businesses and most schools to take extended breaks in the summer time so people didn’t have to work in the heat. After air conditioners were a more common part of society, businesses didn’t have to take these breaks, but schools seemed to let the idea of summer vacations stick around.
  • Fun Fact #3. Overwhelming Energy Use: It has been determined that the United States uses more energy powering its air conditioners than the entire continent of Africa uses for all energy purposes every year. So lets not forget that this does not include the amount of energy we use for items other than air conditioning.
  • Fun Fact #4. Southern Powerhouses: Up until the 1960’s most of the large powerhouse cities were located in the Northeast, due to the fact that summers were more mild there than in the south. After air conditioners became more common in society, it allowed for the south to grow, which included large population changes in states like Florida, Texas and Arizona.

We hope this fun little read has gotten you a bit more excited for the upcoming air conditioning season! And next time you use your air conditioner, think about the little pieces of information we gave you and maybe you’ll find some new appreciation for the unit that keeps your home cool when it’s so hot out.

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