Pet Heat Safety Tips – Naperville IL

Pet Heat Safety Tips – Naperville IL

With Chicagoland going through a current heatwave, it’s important to not only look out for ourselves and family members, but the furrier members of our homes as well. While extreme heat temperatures can have severe (sometimes fatal) effects on humans, the same goes for our pets. It is very important to learn the facts when it comes to your pet heat safety and make sure they are kept cool during extreme temperatures. In fact, one of the leading reasons why pets are more at risk for developing heat related health concerns is because most cats and dogs (and other furry creatures) don’t have sweat glands. They rely on a proper water supply, cool areas and panting to rid themselves of being over heated.

We’ve provided a few very helpful pet heat safety tips for you to make sure your furrier ones are kept safe from the heat this summer:

  • Don’t Leave Your Pet in the Car. While this may seem obvious, it’s important to know that not even cracking a window will help. During extreme heat, the inside of your car becomes an oven essentially. Being trapped in this heat severely raises your pet’s body temperature, causing them to overheat much quicker.
  • Water, Water, Water! Keeping a constant supply of water for your pet is one of the best pet heat safety tips to follow. Allowing your pet to have constant access to fresh water will reduce the chances of dehydration tremendously.
  • More Shade, Less Heat! If your pet needs to be outside for any reason (though you should be keeping your pet indoors as much as possible), make sure there is a lot of shaded areas for your pet. Remember, what’s shaded in the morning may not be shaded in the late afternoon! So a variety of shaded areas is best.
  • Pets Get Sunburned Too! If your pet has no fur or a very light coat, make sure to apply sunblock on them while outside. Also, if your pet has a heavy coat, consider shaving some of it off at a local groomer to cool them down this summer.
  • Keep Them in the Air Conditioning When Possible! The safest place for your pet during extremely hot summer temperatures is inside your Air Conditioned home. Make sure that your Air Conditioner is running properly and your Air Conditioner is maintained on an annual basis to ensure efficiency and proper functioning.

It’s very important to follow these pet heat safety tips to ensure the maximum comfort for your pets during extreme summer temperatures. If you have any questions regarding your home’s Air Conditioner and how it’s functioning, questions regarding our pet heat safety tips, or you have any other HVAC-related questions, never hesitate to call the office at (630) 548-1500.

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