Consider Purchasing a Humidifier Naperville IL

Consider Purchasing a Humidifier Naperville IL

While Nortek Environmental, Inc. does generally focus on the heating and cooling aspects of your home, Nortek Environmental, Inc. also specializes in Indoor Air Quality products as well. With summer coming to an end and heating season starting next month, it’s important to discuss the effect that Whole House Humidifiers Naperville IL have in your home during these drier seasons. A Whole House Humidifier Naperville IL is a great piece of equipment to consider purchasing for your home if you do not yet already have one installed.

In the simplest terms possible, a Whole House Humidifier Naperville IL adds moisture to your homes air to make it more humid. Many people may not understand why they would want a set level of humidity in their home, but it has to do with NOT wanting their home to be too dry. Having your home be overly dry can cause a lot of issues for both you and others living in your home, including:

  • You may experience a dry nose when living in a dry home.
  • Homes that are dry have a tendency to cause cracked lips.
  • Because a dry home dries up one’s nasal passages, bloody noses are another common side effect.
  • Those living in a dry home may also experience itchy eyes.
  • A dry or irritated throat is also a common side effect of a dry home.

Generally, during the winter, humidity levels in your home are at the lowest possible point throughout the entire year. With colds being common during the winter, a Humidifier Naperville IL can help relieve these effects. A good rule of thumb is that your home’s humidity level should be between 30 and 50 percent for maximum comfort. If you’re interested in testing your home’s humidity level on your own, you can purchase a hygrometer at your local hardware store, which is a thermometer like device which helps measure your home’s humidity level.

For more information about obtaining a Whole House Humidifier Naperville IL in your home for this upcoming heating season, or for any HVAC related questions, please feel free to contact Nortek Environmental, Inc. at (630) 548-1500.