Fireplace Facts- Naperville IL HVAC

Fireplace Facts- Naperville IL HVAC

One of the items most looked forward to during heating season is starting up a fire and using your fireplace for a cozy night in either by yourself or with loved ones. However, there are many items you should know about using your fireplace before you go and start your first fire of the heating season. Nortek Environmental, Inc. has generated a list of fireplace facts that every homeowner should know to not only use your fireplace safely, but save money as well.

Fireplace Fact #1- Get it Cleaned: YES! Fireplace maintenance is important just like HVAC maintenance! It is highly advised that on an annual basis, you have a fireplace specialist (also known as a chimney sweep) come to your home and inspect your chimney. They will also clean out any ash or soot!

Fireplace Fact #2- Reduce Fireplace Heat Loss- If you open up the damper in the firebox (if applicable) or slightly open a window, along with keeping any doors shut, will reduce the amount of heat you lose from your fireplace when having a fire!

Fireplace Fact #3- Keep Damper Shut- This is only for when your fireplace is NOT in use. When you aren’t having a fire and your damper is open, any warm air can escape through the damper and increase the amount of heat loss for your home.

Fireplace Fact #4- Use Grates- The use of grates help draw cool room air into the fireplace, making your home feel even warmer than ever! Make sure your grates are made out of C-Shaped metal tubes for the most effective usage.

Fireplace Fact #5- Get a Gas Fireplace- A gas fireplace is one of the most energy efficient fireplace options out there. Gas fireplaces can allow the enjoyment of looking at open flames but have the ability to save 70% more energy than non gas fireplaces.

So just remember Nortek Environmental, Inc.’s list of important fireplace facts when you decide to start up your first fire for the heating season. They’re a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your fireplace as possible!

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