Bathroom Energy Saving Tips

Bathroom Energy Saving Tips

If you’ve been following Nortek Environmental, Inc.’s blogs and social media posts, you should know by now that there are several changes you can make around your home to show a decrease in charges on your next utility bill. One great way to make these changes is looking at each room individually before moving on to the next room to make these changes. For this blog post, we have decided to focus on bathroom energy saving tips. Your bathroom is an area of your home where electrical energy consumption and water consumption are both high. Using our list of bathroom energy saving tips, you will be on your way to making your bathroom a energy efficient space in your home.

Bathroom Energy Saving Tip #1- Change Your Shower Head! Not only are you paying for the water coming out of your shower head, but you’re also paying for your hot water heater to heat the water that is coming out of your shower head. By purchasing a low flow shower head (approximately 2.5 gallons per minute), you could save up to $145 a year in utility costs!

Bathroom Energy Saving Tip #2- Fix Leaky Faucets! Leaky faucets are probably one of the most obvious reasons of wasting energy, and it’s definitely one of the easiest ways to reduce water consumption in your bathroom. If your sink is dripping hot water, one sink could result in an extra $40 annually added to your utility bill. So be sure to get those faucets fixed!

Bathroom Energy Saving Tip #3- Invest in a Ventilation Fan- One reason that a ventilation fan can greatly benefit your bathroom is because it can prevent the growth of mold in your bathroom. Just be sure that when using your bathroom ventilation fans, you don’t leave it on longer than 15 minutes!

Bathroom Energy Saving Tip #4- Unplug Unused Devices- Don’t keep that blow dryer or electric toothbrush charger plugged in all the time. Even though it may be turned off, anything plugged in still draws power while plugged in, leading you to get charged for electricity you aren’t even using!

Bathroom Energy Saving Tip #5- Shorten Your Showers- Reducing your shower time will reduce the amount of water you use, along with reduce the amount of water your hot water heater has to warm up.

We hope you enjoyed our list of bathroom energy saving tips! Be sure to follow us of Facebook and Twitter to keep updated on other energy saving tips you can implement around your home to result in bigger savings on your next utility bill!