Cut Energy Costs This Summer With Rheem Prestige

The President's Corner

I would just like to take a moment to personally thank you for subscribing to the Nortek Environmental, Inc. Email Newsletter. With the beginning of Summer just being about a month away, it's time to get your house ready for the climate change. Did you know that you can save quite a bit on your energy bills just by setting your thermostat a few degrees higher than usual in the summer? A great item to invest in is a Honeywell VisionPro Thermostat. One great feature that the product offers is being able to set your thermostat on a timer. Say you leave for work at 8 AM and nobody will be in the house until 4 PM? Why waste money cooling your home when nobody is even in it? You can set your thermostat to go up to a higher temperature at 8 AM, and then have it set at 4 PM to start cooling it down. You'll come home and never even notice a difference! That is until you see the money you save on your utility bills!

If you have any questions regarding the Honeywell VisionPro Thermostat, please contact us at (630) 548-1500 and we'd be more than happy to inform you more about the product and set up an appointment for an installation. Once again, thank you for choosing Nortek Environmental, Inc..Should you have any more questions, feel free to call us at (630) 548-1500.

Dear Justin,

We all try to get the most that we can with every dollar that we spend. For instance, we find ourselves clipping coupons before trips to the grocery store, searching for the cheapest local gas prices, and purchasing generic brand products as opposed to higher end brands. Did you know that the type of Air Conditioner that you have in your home can effect your energy costs? That's right, and with Rheem's 16 Seer, 2-Stage Air Conditioner (Model RARL) you can decrease your energy costs and get more for your dollar.

What Sets the Rheem Prestige Series Apart from Other Manufacturers?

Rheem's Prestige Series offers a variety of features and benefits that come with their RARL Model. One feature is "Active Protection". This feature monitors your system to prevent the compressor from operating in harmful conditions. Also, this series can go up to 17.10 SEER. The higher the SEER of an Air Conditioning System, the more efficient the system is. This system also has Thermostat Communication Capability. This means that your system will alert you of service requirements, should there be any necessary service needed. These alerts will appear on your thermostat, allowing you to have a peace of mind that your home comfort is guaranteed.

Does Rheem Offer Anything Special Should I Choose to Install a Prestige Series Air Conditioner?

Rheem offers a 10 Year Limited Warranty on all parts. Meaning that for some reason, should your equipment malfunction within its first 10 years of being installed, Rheem will, to an extent, cover the cost of replacement parts. Also, Rheem's Prestige Series has been equipped with the Award Winning Comfort Control System. The Comfort Control System offers several extra features to your model, such as: quiet fan operation, a durable cabinet which cases your air conditioner (protecting your A/C from the elements), and humidity control (when paired with a Prestige Series Air Handler).

With summer being a little over a month away, the importance of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature is extremely high. Whether you're entertaining guests, having your kids' friends over in the hot afternoons during summer vacation, or relaxing on your sofa enjoying a good book while staying out of the heat, a reliable Air Conditioning system is key to making your summer as enjoyable as possible.

Allow Nortek Environmental, Inc. into your home this summer to make sure you are getting the most out of your money when it comes to energy savings. Call us today at (630) 548-1500 for a free Energy Savings Audit.

It is very important to have your Air Conditioner maintained annually (every spring). By having your Air Conditioner maintained annually, you will increase the life of your system, improve its efficiency, and save money on your electric bill. We are currently running a special for Nortek Environmental, Inc.'s 22 Point Certified Air Conditioner Tune-Up, Cleaning, and Inspection. We are offering our customers a discount of $30 dollars off the usual price of $119.95. This makes the discounted total $89.95. For more information on our 22 Point Certified A/C Tune-Up, Cleaning, and Inspection, or to schedule your appointment, contact our office today at (630) 548-1500.

In closing, I would like to wish a Happy Mother's Day and a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend to you and your family.

Lisa Averill
President Nortek Environmental, Inc..