Great Energy Saving Holiday Gifts

Great Energy Saving Holiday Gifts

While some of us may have gotten our holiday shopping for the 2013 season finished months ago, some others are still compiling a list of items to purchase for your loved ones. Because December is the biggest holiday giving month of the year, many of us will be spending quite a bit of money on that perfect gift. But what about giving a gift that gives back? We’ve provided a list items that are common to purchase for the holidays, but more energy efficient models.

Great Energy Saving Holiday Gift #1 - Electronics - Every year there are hot electronics released which are extremely popular gift options for the holiday. However, many electronics consume batteries quickly or draw lots of energy from your home. We recommend looking for Energy Star products, as they are certified by the government to be one of the most energy efficient models out there. Additionally, if you are giving someone a gift that runs on batteries, a great idea for an add-on gift would be a rechargeable battery set. While, initially, rechargeable batteries do cost more than disposable ones, they last much longer and will cost much less to the user after each use.

Great Energy Saving Holiday Gift #2 - Office Products - Primarily, we are talking about computers here. We highly recommending purchasing a computer or laptop that is an Energy Star approved model. Additionally, advise whoever you are gifting the office equipment to that even though a unit may be turned off, by having it plugged into the wall it still draws out energy! So to maximize your energy saving, be sure that all cords and chargers are unplugged after each use!

Great Energy Saving Holiday Gift #3 - Christmas Lights - Ok, so this may sound completely obscure and like a very odd gift, but let’s face it, technology has made Christmas lights cooler and more energy efficient over the past few years. If you have a family member who is just a big kid when it comes to the holidays, consider purchasing them a set of LED Christmas lights! It’s a great way to decorate your home without the huge utility cost!

We hope you enjoyed our list of Great Energy Saving Holiday Gifts! If you ever have any questions regarding other possible energy saving gifts, especially those that relate to HVAC, never hesitate to contact us at (630) 548-1500!