Humidifier Special- $100 Off

Humidifier Special- $100 Off


When it comes to comfort in your home, most times humidity places just as much of a factor as the actual temperature. With Nortek Environmental, Inc. being a proud Aprilaire Humidifier Dealer, you no longer need to worry about lacking control over your home’s humidity level! Being an Aprilaire Humidifier Dealer, Nortek Environmental, Inc. stocks several different models and parts for your home’s humidification needs!

It’s important to have control over your home’s humidity for several reasons, including:

  • Preventing you and your family from being sick due to an under-humidified home.
  • Preventing cracking or any wood items in your home, including: wood flooring, furniture, and wood instruments.
  • Preventing too much static electricity.

Nortek Environmental, Inc. proudly stands behind Aprilaire and the quality of their products and believe that Aprilaire equipment is one of the highest quality brands you can have dealing with your home’s indoor air quality. All professionally-installed Aprilaire Humidifier come with a 5 year limited part warranty to ensure that your humidifier works exactly how you’d like it to. Nortek Environmental, Inc. also offers routine maintenance options for your humidifier to make sure that it is always running in tip-top shape!

Right now, Nortek Environmental, Inc. is running a special on Aprilaire Humidifiers where we are offering $100 the installation of a new Aprilaire Humidifier in your home. When inquiring about the installation of your new humidifier, just mention the Aprilaire Coupon we’ve attached to the bottom of this post and we’ll be able to take $100 off of the price!

Nortek Environmental, Inc. stocks many options when it comes to choosing the right Aprilaire Humidifier for your home and we’d be happy to discuss what options are available to you! Please feel free contact our office at (630) 548-1500 for any inquiries you may have about installing a new Aprilaire Humidifier in your home! And don’t forget to mention the Special Savings coupon below for your $100 Off discount!