22-Point Furnace Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection

The President's Corner

At Nortek, we are always trying new things to make our customer's experience with Nortek Environmental, Inc. easy and convenient. Recently, we completely reconstructed our online networking. Our main website was completely made over to reflect a more modern and sophisticated look. We have also been using our Twitter account much more in order to keep all of our customers and followers updated with constant energy savings tips and Nortek Promotions. I highly encourage you to like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Should you have any more questions, feel free to call me at (630) 548-1500.

Dear Justin,

When it comes to making our families comfortable, we try to take the most steps that we can so we can ensure that our families are as comfortable as possible. The most important time to keep our families comfortable is during the extreme temperatures of the year. With December being only a few months away, we are all going to have to start up our furnaces soon and turn our air conditioners off. If a problem is to occur with your furnace, it usually happens a short while after it starts up for the season. By scheduling Nortek to come out and perform a 22-Point Certified Furnace Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection, you are allowing us to do a thorough inspection of your furnace to detect if there are any problems that might occur while operating your furnace this heating season as well as ensuring that your unit is running as efficiently as possible.

Is Getting My Furnace Maintained Important?

It is extremely important to schedule an annual 22-Point Certified Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection for your furnace. By having your unit inspected, Nortek ensures that every part of your furnace is functioning properly. If something is not running as it should, we will notify you of the issue and give you a quoted price on the repair of the issue. You will have the decision then on whether or not to let Nortek go ahead with the repair. By having your furnace cleaned by Nortek, you are allowing Nortek to do a thorough cleaning of various parts of your furnace. This cleaning ensures that there is virtually no dirt, dust, or debris running through your furnace and eventually making its way into the rest of your home. By allowing us to tune-up your furnace, you are allowing Nortek to make sure that your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. The more efficient your furnace is, the cheaper it costs to operate your furnace. So in the long run, if you allow Nortek to perform a 22-Point Certified Cleaning, Tune-Up, and Inspection on your furnace, you will actually be saving money!

What Does "Certified" Mean?

As a customer of Nortek Environmental, Inc., we want to ensure you that you are getting the best of the best when it comes to service, equipment, and overall customer satisfaction. Certified means that if for any reason your furnace does break down within 30 days after allowing Nortek to perform a 22-Point Certified Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection on your furnace due to a problem that Nortek did not detect, we will return to your home and waive to service call fee. It's just our little way of letting you know that you're covered if for any reason a problem goes undetected.

When Should I Schedule My Appointment?

We encourage you to schedule your 22-Point Certified Furnace Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection for a "Pre-Season" Appointment. By saying Pre-Season, we mean to schedule your appointment before the winter season begins. Also, by scheduling a Pre-Season appointment, we are providing you with an offer to get a $30 discount off of the normal price of a 22-Point Certified Furnace Cleaning, Tune-Up and Inspection. That brings the total price to only $89.95 (regularly $119.95). Take advantage of the offer now though, as it expires September 30th!

Also, I would like to wish all the parents and students a good school year. May your student do well in all of their studies and activities.
Lisa Averill
President Nortek Environmental, Inc.